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I watched the surf doc “Zen & Zero” last night. A short(er) film by Michael Ginthor, it follows 5 austrian surfers from L.A., CA to Pavones, Costa Rica. Traveling overland in 2 Toyota trucks, they pass through Baja, Mainland Mex, whip through the smaller central american countries and arrive in Costa Rica.

I haven’t read “In Search of Captain Zero” but I know the story from friends talking about the book and I’ve read some excerpts. The movie is loosely based on trying to find Allan Weisbecker, who the book is about, and surf the coast along the way. They’ve interspersed some thoughtful quotes and some hard learned surf lessons (“Why you should avoid the falling lip in P. Escondido”).

They hit a couple places I’ve visited or travelled close by to, even a couple shots in Costa Rica that I remember being exactly there (Playa Negra).

Great original music and a true travel vibe to this movie. No pro’s, no stupid antics, travel tales any of us northerners could experience. I had to download it — but will redeem myself by buying it as a present for a friend when I finally get to a surf shop next week.

Some excellent stills | Zen & Zero @ Amazon

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