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Musica Surfica

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Musica Surfica looks pretty original & interesting …

“MUSICA SURFICA is a documentary which involves a unique gathering of classical musicians and surfers, with a purpose to opening minds to new ideas by demonstrating the benefits of taking risks in their art.

Shot on King Island in Southern Australia, the documentary follows one man’s creative journey, Richard Tognetti, leading violinist and Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, as he seeks new inspiration from traditional and classical music.” — http://www.greatsoutherncommunications.com.au/index.php?id=57


3 responses to “Musica Surfica”

  1. Mick Avatar

    Hi Stevie,
    Thanks for the mention of Musica. Much appreciated. Great blog too by the way.
    I’ll enjoy exploring.

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  3. stompandflow Avatar

    Classical music meets finless surfing? A well tasted pairing.