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Cleaning off that longboard

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Cleaning off that longboard
Some fun log rolling over the weekend down around NH and Southern Maine.

We fought off rain and lightning to make a good time outta a meek swell window — well actually we cowered from the lightning as it struck right overhead — no time to be sitting in the lineup.

Finally found some okay waves in Southern Maine on Monday afternoon — nothing to write home about but better than siting on my couch watching my boards collect dust.

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3 responses to “Cleaning off that longboard”

  1. j Avatar

    I was in Wells from Sunday till today. Got caught in a crazy storm driving down and then in another one on the way home. Dodgey shit those storms.
    Is it just me or the locals in Maine a tad ‘odd’.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Damn straight — a strange brew of american stew around there.

    You guys have fun ? and did it ever pour on Sunday afternoon !

  3. j Avatar

    We had a great time. We drove around and checked out a lot of small towns and little stores and restaurants. I was left a little confused by what I can only refer to as an ‘unfriendly niceness’ that a lot of the locals had. Also found that our strong dollar does not go anywhere as far as I thought it would. Shit is expensive and the beer is rather shit. Saw some ‘Hanna Montana’ boogey boards. Nice!

    yeah sunday afternoon was nuts. Today was worse. Not sure where we were in the mountains when it came down but it was nutty and I had to throw the hazards on.