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New wetsuit

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New wetsuit
Got a new wetsuit care of of XCEL hookup.

4/3 Infiniti Interlock. It’s replacing my 2 year old summer 4/3 which is still useable but getting crusty. The best part if I forgot to put in a colour preference when choosing so I get to be the “red baron” all summer. Hah.

I can’t recommend these suits enough – excellent products.



7 responses to “New wetsuit”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    dude. we’re on the same psychic frequency. i picked up the infinity 2mm full suit on our last trip to LA. ‘cept mine’s all black. I ended up picking that one out, cuz there’s no zipper at the base of my skull. i hate back zippers. my spring suit gives me headaches sometimes. can’t wait to try the xcel out next january. trying it on in 85º LA heat was a lesson in futility. i broke a sweat just looking at it. by the time i was done, I and it needed a wash down. the guy was probably pretty happy he got the sizing right on the first try.

    i paid full retail [insert frowning face here]

  2. steve Avatar

    Hah… ah yes.. the “try on” in the hot store.
    I remember trying on my 5/4/3 in the store last fall — wow – I have never heated up that fast in my life. (paid full retail for that one!)

    The over the neck zip is great — i’ve only had had one back zip suit – that was a cheap billabong 3/2 so it’s hard for me to judge — but I’m sure this system keeps your suit from “flushing” more often that a back zip.

    I’m still shocked about the need for a suit in MX though .. maybe we should come down and test out the water temps. heh

  3. Rick Malwitz Avatar

    I have a Pyscho II 4/3 size Medium from last year I’m trying to sell for $175.
    Know anyone who needs one? I only wore it 4 times so it’s perfecto.

    Shoot me an email and I can explain more.

  4. Steve Avatar

    I’ll keep my eye out Rick — don’t know anyone right now but you never know !! What’s the color?

  5. Rick Malwitz Avatar

    It’s black.

  6. GG Avatar

    WHEEEEEERE CAN I BUY A WETSUIT IN MONTREAL???? I looked for one all day esterday it seems like mission impossible. I dont want Surf wet suit I want Open Water swimming/triathlon one.

    Thx for the help

  7. Steve Avatar

    Hey GG — have you tried MEC.ca ? or La cordée ? I’ve never looked around for non surfing ones.