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End Of The Beach

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End Of The Beach by flickr user earthmagnified

Nice piece of new popped up from the NY Times today; It’s now legal to surf Rockaway beach when there’s no lifeguard. We have a couple friends who love this place — so this is great news for them and all the locals.

“Sand, Surf, and Permission to Brave It

Published: April 4, 2005

Most surfers try to avoid sharks, jellyfish and wipeouts, but Rockaway surfers have long had to worry about another hazard – summonses.

Because state regulations have heavily restricted surfing at Rockaway Beach, wave riders trying to perfect their cutback, bottom-turn and nose-riding have also had to learn the fine art of stealth surfing and dodging periodic ticket blitzes.” …

“It’s been a real saga for Rockaway surfers,” she said. “They’ve never gotten the recognition they deserve, and neither has this great New York City surfing beach; the surfers know it, but most people don’t. Having an official beach finally gives recognition to something that’s been going on for decades.” — NY Times article


2 responses to “End Of The Beach”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    dude. my mexi homie Andrew (former Roots vegan cook extraordinaire) is up in Rockaway. He opened an authentic mexican fish/veg taco joint.

    Tell your homies, support the peeps.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Think i’ve seen photos of him ——

    100% — our buddy Vinnie loves it down there and has spent some quality time surfing that place. I’ll pass on the lowdown on it.