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Chasing Bertha

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Johan and I headed down to the coast last Friday AM hoping that some of Hurricane Bertha’s swell would start arriving. We arrived around noon to find decent small scale swell and some fair wind conditions. We hit the wall after looking around — thanking the fact that we had chosen to bring our longboards as the waves were much better suited to the 9 footers.

Jes and Steph arrived for glass off Friday night and brought new surf friends, Liam and Susie from Vermont; wicked nice and fun to hang out with. Both work for Burton (they have those jobs you always wonder how people get) so we got to talking about snow; at the beach. Such nerds. Hahah.

Saturday AM – we hit it early knowing that the wind forecast didn’t hold much promise. There’d be waves but the sideshore wind would screw them up fast on Sat and Sun. Lots of people in the water and some solid waist to chest high sets rolling through. We all scored our fill of rides before it got “chop-suey™”. Drove north to see if Maine held some rest from the growing wind. No dice. Johan and I stayed up there and surfed small Kennebunk for the afternoon. Not the most inspiring waves after some great ones hours earlier.

We all met up back south for evening glass off — which didn’t happen – the wind keep it choppy – I ventured out to provide amusement / spectacle to our group. None of my meager attempts to even spot the sets in the chop inspired anyone else to join me — and — I fully blew the one decent wave due to being an idiot and not seeing it. Can’t win ’em all.

Thank god we woke up early Sunday. Solid clean conditions in NH with lots of great 4-5 foot waves. Scored my “hippy endless summer moment” with a simple frontside glide; the wave walling up in front of me with the sun shining through it’s glassy green face; and the vertical ripples visible like being inside a golden ribcage (yea — I warned you – hippy! Waves are beautiful).

Sunday degraded fast and we all parted ways after some futile attempts to find a sheltered spot. Jes and Steph stayed down from an extra day; Monday; I haven’t seen the photos yet but Jes tells me it was solid 5-6 foot – foggy and super fun. Glad he scored – lucky bastard with Monday off!!

Overall Bertha was a bit of a bust but thankfully some dawn patrol got us the fix we needed.

Hurricane “B” in July. Great start to this season.

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3 responses to “Chasing Bertha”

  1. j Avatar

    who often do your and the crew make your way down there every summer. It’s a bit of a trek. Also what’s the record time for making it down there?

  2. susie Avatar

    Yeah, such a fun trip!

  3. Steve Avatar

    Well it depends.. we’ll go almost every weekend there’s waves. Usually more in aug/sept/oct. i’d say probably about 10-12 weekends total ?

    Record time probaby 4h 45 mins for 500km.