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The Shins videos

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I’m a huge Shins fan. I’ve never grown tired of listening to their albums over the past few years. Something I’ve never really checked out is their videos.

I even have my own vision for a Shins video to pitch to them one day (for the song Sleeping Lessons) — ha!

The Shins : Turn on Me — Poolside FL @ it’s best. Socks + sandals, one-eyed dogs and the tension mounts (the video above).

The Shins : Phantom Limb — The best school play ever!

The Shins : Pink Bullets — Excellent paper mache and a sad cow.

The Shins : Saint Simon — Youtube compression doesn’t do this one justice – try to find it in HD. “… shot in Mexico during Monarch butterfly mating season and amazingness ensue”


One response to “The Shins videos”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Funny – I always envision sorta rolling green hills as a musical backdrop for the shins. This Video (turn on me) is WAY outta left field.