High-res cams on the Cape

One of the nicest “wave cams” on the eastern seaboard got an upgrade. It’s the cam that sits looking down towards the break at “Coast Guard Beach” (here’s an approximate location link).

They’re now displaying images at 1296 x 976 pixels and the overall picture quality is amazing.

This is not where we surf; but it’s a great indication to what’s happening further out in the ocean before waves hit NH/ME. I would love to visit this beach one day but I’ve heard It’s MURDER trying to get out across the Cape during summer.


4 thoughts on “High-res cams on the Cape

  1. We should see what accommodation down there is like … maybe a late fall run when the tourist season is over. It doesn’t look like too much of a drive past Hampton in google maps.

  2. hey Steve have you talked with Kali about the Cape? Seems to me that she and some friends sometimes rent a place for a couple (?) of weeks on the cape and she might have tips on crossing into/out of there. It is one of my favourite places in the world.


  3. Hi dear auntie — I will 100% contact Kali then (can you email me her email?).

    I’ve never been down that far – we spend most of our time in New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Lovely lovely – especially in the fall.

    take care

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