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Mike V does a demo in Mexico

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Mike Vallely is one of my childhood heroes — the guy rips skating and has always given it 150%. I last had the pleasure of watching him ‘destroy’ stuff skating at Slam City Jam a couple years ago in BC.

Still doing comps and demos — this story about his recent trip to Mexico City is crazy.

“Mike V Owns Mexico City
From the looks of Mike Vallely’s recent visit to Mexico City, either he’s got a popular TV show going on down there or this is visual evidence of some next level shit, further proving that skateboarding has truly reached the globalization phase. Yup, 120,000 of ‘em on the scene to witness professional skateboarding from one man. — skatedaily.com

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2 responses to “Mike V does a demo in Mexico”

  1. gw Avatar

    That’s MENTAL. Steve, man, you missed your chance, should stuck with it. Coulda been a skate star!

  2. j Avatar

    vallely promoting snickers? i guess everyone has their price but i didn’t think his was that low.