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One of the troubles with owning a small(ish) car and traveling great distances for surfing; you inevitably run into the scenario of not wanting to leave a board unattended. This is usually pretty easy to deal with unless…

Now what happens when you want to bring two boards — let’s say your longboard and a fish.

While you’re out sliding around having a great time you have to leave one of those boards somewhere. Bringing them all down to the beach is one option but if the current is strong you can quickly be far from your spot — or on busy days it can be hard to spot / keep an eye on everything.

We found these “surfboard locks” (Couple more photos here on my Flickr account) that we’re pretty cheap (25$) that can either lock through your leash plug (if you have a standard cup/bar one) or around a small slug which you can insert into your fin-box.

We used it over the weekend as Johan had a second board he wanted to bring down.

First thoughts:

  • It worked perfectly and quickly.
  • It’s really more of a strong deterrent than a rock solid locking system.
  • Attaching to the plug is more secure than to the fin-box as you could remove the lock with a screwdriver and some time. To remove from the leash plug – it would be more likely to wreck the board. Update: the designer of this product actually let me know that this is incorrect – he’s right – I hadn’t considered that if the clamp is locked there’s be no way to slide it out of the fin box; if it’s in, it’s staying in!
  • The cable is wrapped in smooth plastic finish – no scratches on the car.
  • The cable is long enough to reach from rack to plug for almost any length board.
  • Still recommend leaving your board inside a board-bag + locked.
  • 3 keys included is a nice feature – leave an extra one hidden away in your car always.
  • You could lock your board to anything solid.

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