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iPod speaker set

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iPod speaker set — Top view
Linda got me this lovely present (really it’s for both of us) — which I LOVE. We need a simple way to play tunes in our place from the ipods and this fits the bill. Great sound and sleek looks.

“The Evolve speaker system comprises a charging base and two cube-shaped speakers. Talk about stereo separation — simply place the Evolve cubes wherever you want to hear the music. You can even move them into the next room with you. There are no entangling wires to hassle with.”



3 responses to “iPod speaker set”

  1. Luke Avatar

    ooooh- slick! Clever with the wireless speakers… hate them wires!

  2. Oblivia Avatar

    Does it broadcast seamlessly so far? I always want to have music while I’m bathing and this could make it happen. :)

  3. Steve Avatar

    This would be perfect then !

    Yea.. I had the speakers in separate rooms over the weekend (not too far: living room + kitchen) You can switch to MONO format so you don’t get half the tunes in Stereo.