Monday AM Hanna report

Photo by John Carden

Quick report (More coming later). The photo above by NH photographer John Carden is taken at the exact spot Johan and I surfed yesterday afternoon between 2 and 3:30pm — photo was take an hour after we left by the looks of the sunlight — didn’t want to leave but my arms were jelly and we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us.

Scored some of the best/biggest waves of my life here and the closest* I’ve been to getting barreled yet, feet way up on my longboard screaming into a closeout (* still a LONG way off of visiting any kind of green room). Solid shoulder to overhead high green peelers and really capped off an amazing 2 days of surfing.

Thanks Hanna !!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Hanna report

  1. The soreness is ok. What’s maddening is the dozen bug bites on my legs itchy like crazy!!

    Great weekend though. Some good rides, great day on sunday and that eerrie magical session on saturday with the fog and rain.


  2. doo. you guys are monsters. you’re killin me with these trips. you’ve probably had more waves this summer than I have. and I’m 20 minutes, in between out the door and in the water.

    hard to the core.

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