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Last days of summer

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Been pretty damn busy between work and the seemingly endless trips to the ocean. Hard to count the weekend days i’ve been in the city over the past 2 months.

We scored again last weekend with solid glassy 3-5 foot swell, warm sunshine and decent water temps. I don’t have time to write up the full report but photos will be up some time this week. Mackenzie (left) and Jes (right) were aboard this mission and they both had a lot of fun. I scored my longest ride to date and some of my most “in control” riding.

Next weekend looks interesting to say the least. Right now the virtual buoys have Saturday pegged between 20 to an astounding 50 feet. We’ll be heading down to see if all that craziness results in some rideable waves somewhere sheltered.


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  1. Johan Avatar


    Too bad I missed out on it. Post pics soon! :-)