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We like HBO a lot. Who doesn’t? Flight of the Conchords and Entourage are two of the better shows on TV. One of the easiest ways to watch HBO in Canada is through the Movie Network which offers limited HBO tacked onto one of it’s 5 “movie channels”.

Seems a deal has been reached to add a 6th (?) channel which will be dedicated to only HBO shows – not sure who they plan to get around the Canadian content laws since no HBO content is Canadian as far as I know …

“After walking away with the lion’s share of Primetime Emmys at the television industry’s annual awards show Sunday, U.S. cable juggernaut HBO is preparing to set foot in Canada for the first time as a standalone network.

The move, through an agreement with Corus Entertainment Inc. and Astral Media Inc., ends years of negotiations to bring HBO to Canada as a full-fledged channel. A select number of HBO’s most popular series, such as The Sopranos and The Wire, have been offered in Canada on pay-TV over the years, but the network has never been afforded a dedicated space on the dial.

Under federal rules, The Movie Network and Movie Central are required to devote about 25 per cent of overall air time, and 35 per cent of prime time, to Canadian content, which will also apply to the HBO Canada schedule.” — Globe and Mail

O yea… And I created that logo up top — I should sell them the idea. ;-)

2 thoughts on “HBO in Canada

  1. In fact, HBO Canada will have Canadian programming as required by CRTC regs. they can’t get around it. Fuck the CRTC. Plus, most good cable shows in the States now are on Showtime or AMC (Mad Men, Californication, Dexter)

    “It’s not television, it’s HBO. It’s not HBO, it’s HBO canada”

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