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First snowy Jay shot appears

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Winter is here (at least in the mountains to the south).

This lovely shot showed up on the Jay Peak site yesterday. Won’t be long before we have the snowshoes packed in the car and are heading down for a pre-season hike or two.


4 responses to “First snowy Jay shot appears”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i’ll keep an eye out for weekend flights to montreal. got all my snowboard equipment here. maybe i come up for a weekend of insaniness.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Ha — That would be amazing !! we’d have to plan it around a KNOWN guaranteed POWDER day !!

    snow surfin’ rules.

  3. j Avatar

    you guys are nuts.

  4. rob70 Avatar

    I think walking through a forest in snow shoes is probably the most amazingly peaceful and awe inspiring winter activity possible. ‘Course, I’d generally be doing it to get a fresh powder run, but hey… destination is the journey and all that!