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1st Jay hike of 2009

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Couple tracks - starting hike

We made it down to Jay Peak yesterday for a quick 1/2 hill hike.

Fun boot deep snow near the top of the run but it trailed off to ankle deep by the lower flats. No complaints as it was a beautiful sunny day; good to get the lungs and heart pounding again. Got in a couple fast fun turns without messing up the base of my board.

All the construction going on at Jay has left if a crazy mess. Not sure how they plan to open in the next month or so (?).

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2 responses to “1st Jay hike of 2009”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    Hi there,
    I went for a short walk/ hike a couple of weeks ago in St-Agathe and the little snow that had fallen was broken up by deep pits of mud…just exploring anyhow for potential snowshoe trails this winter to compliment the snowboarding days…
    Anyhow, as we wait for the snow, I’m blogging about a mixture of snow and non-snow related activities in Montreal. Come by and check it out…
    On another note, what’s going on with construction at Tremblant??
    Keep us posted!

  2. Steve Avatar

    Exellent – thinking about getting out myself this weekend for a hike and maybe some riding down south.

    Haven’t been to Tremblant in years — but i’m not surprised to hear about lots of construction.