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Congratulations to Mark Campbell.

I expected this to take months but we reached the goal of $2,000 in under 17 days. I’m so grateful to everyone who donated and helped to spread the word. The Surfrider Foundation is stoked! This fundraiser went so well, I have decided to do this on a regular basis. Look for another one in about 6 months.


rickmalwitz.com http://rickmalwitz.com

Excellent surfboard shaper Rick Malwitz from Brooklyn is offering a chance to win one of his beautiful custom boards (tailor made to your specs!!) if you help him in raising 2,000$ for the Surf Rider foundation (a very worthy cause).

Every 5$ gets you one raffle ticket and every 20$ gets you 5 chances! 1 in 400 odds is pretty good with just a single 5$ ticket !!

If you haven’t seen Rick’s boards (click for preview) you should take a gander. His flickr stream has a ton of great board shots.

Visit http://malwitzsurfboards.com/ for all the info.


7 responses to “Donate and win a sweet board from Rick Malwitz”

  1. Steve Avatar

    I put in 20$ — come’on it’s a great cause !!

  2. Rick Avatar

    Thanks Stevey!!!
    It’s about to hit $800.

  3. Rick Malwitz Avatar

    The suspense is killing me! $170 to go!

  4. Steve Avatar

    Sweet — I’ve sent it everyone I know .. there’s gotta be a couple hold-outs though.

  5. Rick Malwitz Avatar

    Cool thanks. It’s not at $125 to go. This needs to be over. I’m starting to loose sleep. ha.

  6. Rick Malwitz Avatar

    sorry…’now at $125′

  7. Steve Avatar

    Congrats to Mr Campbell !! Excellent work Rick — this was a great cause and event.