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Some links for November 10th through November 19th…


2 responses to “Bookmarks for November 10th through November 19th”

  1. Johan Avatar

    My folks used to have several of those Audobon Society guide books; including the tree one. I wonder if where they made it to after all the moves.

    The Good morning Cornwall video was great. Man I want to go catch some waves!

    Nice one of Buckminster Fuller as well. I checked out the Wikipedia page on him; having only a cursory knowledge of him; and what an interesting character. I’ll have to read up some more on him and maybe take some advice.

  2. Steve Avatar

    We had fuller’s “Dome books” when I was a kid.
    My intro to complex hippy architecture at the age of 6.

    * Domebook 1
    * Domebook 2