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Late fall east coast perfection

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Shots above from a Cape Code cam. Spaced about 3 hours apart. 2-3 visible folks out.

I would be down round there if it wasn’t for the move. Water a balmy 48°F — Swell reported as 7ft @ 12 secs.

Money shot here


4 responses to “Late fall east coast perfection”

  1. Steve Avatar

    Think that dude is stoked in the money shot ?!!

  2. Johan Avatar

    Ya think so?

    Nice clean waves .. and not another soul out. Sounds pretty sweet to me!

  3. Ben Avatar

    looks sweet this is what I’m in for this weekend, one of the best/craziest forecasts I’ve seen in a while http://magicseaweed.com/Westport-Surf-Report/310/detailedLongRange/uk/

  4. Steve Avatar

    OO snikeys man !!! wow. paddle hard.