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More winter east coast perfection

In an ongoing series of me randomly checking some of the surf cams along the east coast and DROOLING; more empty perfection from down south.

Looks well overhead in the area, which would make this close to a standup barrel. Bet it’s chilly though.

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Yup. It was really, really cold. Water was warm, but the wind was offshore, and up there. Still very much worth it as we’ve had a bad November.

I think thats only chest high for TB. Still looks like there are a ton of people out today……. wish I was there.

@Chris You’re probably right – hard to judge without someone in the water — and I’ve never been here (it’s on my to do list). Either way — it looks AMAZING.

Steve, It is a very good beach break…… just stay away during the summer… waaaaay too many people in the water. There are about 5 spots within a 10 minute drive from here that are actually better, as long as you don’t mind dodging the occasional jagged rock edge.

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