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Hello from Long Beach project

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Like this project that just started up.

“Simultaneous coverage from coast to coast …

Long Beach, Ca and Long Beach, NY

It’s a view of the world from two surfers who mainly do other things who live in the same city but on opposite sides of the United States.”

They should consider making it a triptych and finding someone to cover Long Beach, Vancouver Island. Ha. (how many ‘Long Beaches’ do you think exist around the world?)



2 responses to “Hello from Long Beach project”

  1. erin ashley Avatar

    thanks for the love. there is also a long beach, mississippi that was affected by hurricane katrina and i’ve been too. we should get someone from there as well

  2. rob70 Avatar

    I grew up on Long Beach, NC. Sadly it merged with a neighboring beach and became Oak Island.

    Flat as hell most of the time there.