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Linda and Stevey

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Linda and Stevey
Some fun crazy news.. Linda and I are going to be parents. Linda is 12 weeks in and we went in Saturday to hear the heart beat which was amazing … We’re sooo excited !!

Linda is due next July (towards the end) – she’s been doing great –
bit of morning sickness but otherwise feeling fine.

Wish us luck.


11 responses to “Linda and Stevey”

  1. Allen Avatar

    W00t! Congrats guys!

  2. Paulo Ribeiro Avatar

    Congratulations Stevey!!
    I can imagine you and Ed (QP) surfing with the kids :))
    All the best!

  3. Greg Avatar

    Hey, Stevey and Linda. Your news is amazing. That is soooo exciting.

    Hope all goes well from now til delivery!

    Greg (and Joan)

  4. j Avatar

    Our support group meetings are held every Wednesday. I will forward you more info in July. We usually hold the meetings at 2am because we are all awake anyway.

    All kidding aside. Great news. You’ll be a fantastic father. Catch up on your sleep.


  5. Ed Fladung Avatar

    Super dope news man! of the best kind. can’t wait to meet the lil’ snapper. Once the dust settles and the youngins are ready for travel, we’ll have to meet up in Costa Rica or Nicaragua. for sheezy.

  6. Steve Avatar

    @Allen thanks !

    @Paulo Gotta get my buddy back shaping to make a mini longboard ;-)

    @Greg thanks uncle !! we’re so excited.

    @j I’m in like flynn and am slowly catching on to the “no sleep for 1000 years” drift hahahah

    @ed deal !!

  7. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    Do they make skateshoes in size 1 week? Ya, congrats again man! Maybe I should start working on the worlds smallest wave generator/crib board!

    Love Dan

  8. Eugene Cole Avatar

    Hey Stevey, Just wanted to send a note of congratulations. My son is 11 months now. More fun in more ways than I ever imagined. Yes your surfing will suffer, but you won’t mind. Well, ok maybe some days, just try not to stare at the webcams.

  9. Steve Avatar

    Thanks Eugene — that’s really nice. I hear that Higg’s is a very baby friendly beach ;-) maybe we’ll stop by next fall. all the best Stevey

  10. Nelson Avatar

    This is great news! Congrats Steve!!

  11. Steve Avatar

    Thanks Nels — pretty exciting !!