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Perfection of Canada’s East Coast

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Perfection of Canada’s East Coast a couple days ago. How cold do you think that water is?

Hint – it’s probably almost slushy (37 F).



5 responses to “Perfection of Canada’s East Coast”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    totally stunning ! … and I’m sure it’s freeking freezing !

  2. j Avatar

    cold enough that you won’t have a second child

  3. feelsgood Avatar

    wow, call this west coaster clueless, but i didn’t even realize canada had much of an east coast. the more you know!

  4. Steve Avatar

    My bud jesse grew up surfing here.. the land of right point breaks .. the joke is he never went left until he started hit beach breaks way later.

  5. rob70 Avatar

    Solution: Ride a big board, avoid duck diving and don’t fall.