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A great buddy got me a gift subscription to The Surfer’s Journal. First issue arrived yesterday and it’s the Winter ’08 one seen above (which I as holding off buying). So stoked.

It’s a beautiful magazine — easily the best Surf publication out there.



2 responses to “The Surfer’s Journal”

  1. Q.Perps Avatar

    awwwww, yer hooked now. If there were only one mag I could pay for, this woud be it. and not simply because it’s a surf mag. I don’t generally like subscribing to surf mags. It’s because The Surfer’s Journal is written so well and with so much love and the photos are always the best.

  2. Steve Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more – I’m over buying mags (I used to have so many) but this is an exception. Even better for me as it can be hard to find up here.