Canon releases water/snowproof cam


Wow — I’ve been waiting for Canon to make this for 8 years now. Waterproof and shoots 720p video. I want to see this in person: it might be a bit bulky, I want to see the USB/Battery closures/how they work, what the settings are for Manual vs. Auto photos, etc.

“Besides being shock, water (up to 33 feet) and freeze-proof (down to 14 degrees F), it’s got a 12 megapixel sensor (like most of Canon’s new line) and will shoot VGA video (unlike the most of the line, which shoots 720p video). Despite being tough, it actually feels pretty nice in your hand, though it won’t fit in your pocket (unless you’ve got old school JNCOs). If you’re not a fan of the blue, it’ll have other plates, like orange and camo. I want to love it, so I hope it shoots nice pictures. It’ll be $330 when it comes out in May.”

This might have usurped my desire for a Flip Mino HD camera. And.. it looks like the original iMac !!

8 thoughts on “Canon releases water/snowproof cam

  1. I know — and supposedly this comes with a “carabiner” which you could hook securely to something. I’ve found a couple lost “disposable” cams while snowboarding over the years.

  2. it seems like it’s a waterproof version of the G9/G10. I have the G9 with the underwater housing and to be honest, it takes so long to take photos that using it for action photos is almost impossible. way too slow. hopefully canon got their act together and made this new jammy shoot quicker. the carabiner idea sounds tight. or better yet: a head gasket and pro-level suction cup for the tail of a snow/surf board.

  3. Be sure to buy an extended service plan with it. Saltwater will eventually find it’s way in and brick it, but the 50$ ESP will get you a brand new one.

  4. I have the Pentax Optio underwater – it’s so much fun to shoot underwater, in the rain.
    The only thing with the Canon, my pentax, and the other 2 I’ve tested – they are good to a depth of 12feet or so – then they leak. Of course they ARE cheap! My optio does GREAT video too.

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