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Cracking offshores at the wall

Cracking offshore @ the wall from stevey on Vimeo.

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dude. so jealous. i surfed ankle high slop at la lancha saturday. it’s been deader than dead here. I haven’t seen a peeling wave like that in months. my surf muscle is weak.

good to see you got in some good slides. where are the riding photos n video? work-load be damned, we’re talking about surfing here, man.

good for you guys.

I wish we had riding videos — man — we’re winter weaklings — tough to get beyond the shorepound with my noodles I’m calling arms. You know the story about taking riding shots when’s there’s only 2 of you ! ha.

2 things about this video:

1. it ‘s cold — 38/39 water
2. deceptive — there’s no one out cause it’s petty big with some crazy currents

more photos from the weekend here..

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