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Costa Field Report — Day 1

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Just back from surfing some heavy close out beachbreak at Playa Grande. Water is super warm — wind is offshore – waves around 4 feet – should be better with the tide coming up in the afternoon.

Rented a 9′ 6″ log (single fin) and have my fish. Jesse used his new JC for the first time today, Marc is loving it and has has some great rides. Benny is rock star and had a mini close out barrel down near the river mouth.

34°C air temps and some high humidity. Our place has a great pool and is as close to the beach as we can be here (due to the coast being protected for sea turtle hatches) – 3 minute walk down for surf check.

More later. peace.


3 responses to “Costa Field Report — Day 1”

  1. Anile Avatar

    Hooray! Enjoy! A big Happy Mother’s Day to Steph and to future Mummy Linda!

  2. Jonas Avatar

    There is a great restaurant on the beach in Playa Avellanes. Also check out nearby Playa Negra if you want to surf a wave with more juice.

  3. Steve Avatar

    thanks guys.
    @jonas — thanks !! we might hit negra — right now the swell is pumping up here so it’s hard to get the motivation to travel.