Fathers day paddle out

Johan and I got to do some Father’s day surfing last weekend and scored.

On top of it being ISD (International surfing day), it was also my last official trip down before the birth of our daughter (I’ll be sticking around very close to home ’til she’s born).

Glassy Saturday morning that built slowly throughout the weekend. We scored a great high tide session at the Wall, some extra fun lefts at Straws Point (with a big black seal hanging out in the lineup with us) and some giant crazy surf at Jennes.

The wetsuit is now cleaned and hung up to dry for a couple months. But I’ll keep the board waxed for potential ninja stealth missions. ;-)

Some photos here:

5 thoughts on “Fathers day paddle out

  1. That orange really does look nice in that light.

    Loving the longboarding!

    I will miss these trips down while you are out bro. Will be thinkin of you when I head out on my own.

    Remember, the river wave is not far away! ;-)

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