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Busy June

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What a hectic month just passed — not a ton of time to update the blog — seems my shortened attention spam was better served on Twitter.

Under 4 week ’til the due date of our daughter. Parents to be.

Plank has been hoping with some major work about to wrap up and some new stuff starting (although i’ll be off on paternity leave for a month).

Hope you’re all having an excellent summer so far.


2 responses to “Busy June”

  1. Q.Peazy Avatar

    you’re taking a month of paternity leave? how cool is that! Plank is awesome!

  2. Steve Avatar

    Ha — actually Quebéc is crazy. I legally can take much more time than that — the max as a father is 30 weeks I think (paid % of salary by government) — Linda might even use all hers — 40+ weeks paid %.


    Linda will get to be a stay at home mom for a long time while I go back to work. Hoping it will work well for us.

    We’re lucky to live here.