The Present

Transfering surf flicks to the TIVO
Finally found some time to watch a new surf flick — “The Present” by Thomas Campbell.

Wonderful movie with great filming, music, actually funny skits and interesting pieces. I’d been looking forward to this one for more than a year.

The filming was even better than I expected; and I had high expectations. Campbell has outdone all other efforts here. Very few boring shots and lots of great light scattered across the water stuff.

Music: The Matson 2 and Barbee’s tracks are perfect. And even our own “Plants and Animals” have the closing credits track.

The acting — finally something that wasn’t cringe worthy (yea Parko I’m talking about you) — Alex and Michel killed it. I’m wearing a suit my next surf trip.

As for the story and flow — It had the tempo and style of his previous flicks with the more polished story telling of the Moonshine films. A bit of ‘endless summer’ thrown in for good measure.

You’ve seeing above a digital copy that was then transferred over to the TIVO to make it stupidly easy to watch — Dad essential — it’ll stay there for a couple more late night watchings with Brigitte — “see baby — that’s how you get into trim and then let the wave pitch over you by dragging your hand”