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Billy heading up the east

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Seems all the folks who can make it to the coast this weekend (and early next week) should be doing exactly that.

It’s a bit far out for most forecasts but next weekend has that epic look for all 100,000 surfers who’ve been frothing the past couple 4 weeks of FLATNESS… Warm water + hot temps + swell means there’ll be crowds a plenty. Find a secret spot and enjoy !!

“UPDATED MON 17th 2pm UTC All eyes should be pinned on Tropical Storm Bill which for the near future looks good. Currently predicted to become a hurricane today or tomorrow and potentially with winds well in excess of 100mph it’s predicted to track north east skirting the East Coast and heading northwards before it’s remnants swing out west across the Atlantic. The swell models are all making this call (and although we’d expect significant undercalling for Florida) the swell according to the most recent NHC (National Hurricane Centre) report gives a swell height at its peak in the centre of the storm of 34ft. Expect solid surf from Friday onwards, hitting Southern Florida initially and the rest of the East Coast shortly thereafter… Tropical storm Ana is still in advance of Bill but as she moves onto a more southerly track her swell isn’t going to make for any meaningful surf on the East coast unlike.”


Go ‘git it done please.


One response to “Billy heading up the east”

  1. Johan Avatar

    Its now hurricane Bill. !!!

    Should be headed down sometime over the weekend to get some waves. Got a couple little spots in mind. :-)

    I’ll bring back some photos for sure.