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Beautiful nostalgia.

Old Surf Movies: Bali and Hawaii (1978-1980) From: DrAbalone

Home surfing movies I made with my brother, Craig Tissot, during a trip to Bali in 1978 and Hawaii in 1979-80. Bali: Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu. Hawaii: Honolua Bay, Haleiwa, Ala Moana. You had to hike to Ulu back in those days. Shot with Sony 8mm camera with Ikleite housing. All footage by Brian & Craig Tissot. Music by Tony Kaltenberg.”

Couple more great ones on Dr. Abalone’s channel | Thanks to Special J for turning me on


One response to “Old Surf Movies: Bali and Hawaii (1978-1980)”

  1. Jamie Watson Avatar

    That was perfection. Made my day – great find, Stevey – thanks.