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Video from yesterday’s Eddie

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Some fun video from yesterday’s Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau.

Just mental.



3 responses to “Video from yesterday’s Eddie”

  1. Lee E. Stevens Avatar

    Wow some kick ass surfing not surprised that the hot dogging goes bye bye when the waves are this big. Fantastic betcha remember this one. Cheers And Thanks Lee

  2. Ben Avatar

    Crazy crazy shit, I was there to, check the video

  3. Ben Avatar

    Oh yeah our session was super fun yesterday, but a pretty rabid pack was on it I counted 23 dudes before we paddled out, and It’s an A frame. I got some fun ones though, a couple where I was even the only guy on the wave. Took a car break to warm up and when I went back out there was two people out and it was better than before, my best session on that board I got a little while ago for sure. COLD though path down to the brak was all icy and ice in the stream that you cross over. All in all a great day!