Gerry and Herbie at Pipe

How can you not love this.. Gerry and Herbie touring the Pipe house then sitting back to watch the show.

“And to back up Justin’s words here’s Gerry Lopez and Herbie Fletcher on Jan 29th, walking talking and reminiscing around their previous residence – the Pipe House.

Surfing, one of the world’s earliest sports, is lucky to have been defined again so recently in historical terms.

It’s easy to spout on about commercialism ruining a sport. So so make a cup of tea and sit down and spend 10 minutes watching these gentlemen tell you how it was to a backdrop of perfect Pipe. “

One thought on “Gerry and Herbie at Pipe

  1. Great video! I could listen to Gerry all day long. He’s always got a deeper meaning and appreciation for what surfing brings to all of us. It is so evident in his book, “Surf Is Where You Find It,” and it’s evident in the mission statement he wrote for SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship).

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