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Spot I’ve surfed the most in my life

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This is the spot I’ve surfed the most in my life
Contents spread in the latest Surfer’s Journal looked awfully familiar as soon as I saw it. This is where I learned to surf and and spent many fun days.

Too bad it’s now in TSJ and will be blown up/crowded …. kidding ;-).

This has gotta be one of the NE’s busiest and most crowded surf spots.


2 responses to “Spot I’ve surfed the most in my life”

  1. johna Avatar

    love Maine, too. way less crowded than other places most of the time. water sure is COLD tho ;)

  2. steve Avatar

    I’m a huge fan of Maine — esp. KBP/G’s & Higs — just such mellow fun beaches without all the drama-lama’s.

    But truthfully — after 3/4 of a year out of the water — i’d be happy anywhere right about now !!