‘Where the Wild Things Are’ becomes a movie

Where the Wild Things Are

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. One of my favourite books of all time and one of my favourite directors (Spike).

I, along with many other kids, dreamt of having the forest as my wallpaper in my room. What I didn’t fully realize at the time was that my window of my bedroom opened onto a real life version of this; Our 100 acres of dark forest right behind the house that creaked, howled, hooted, and crackled every night.

“We’ve Got Dave Eggers’s and Spike Jonze’s Script for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ …and it is really, really good.

In transforming the 338-word story of Where the Wild Things Are into a 111-page screenplay, Eggers and Jonze have fleshed out the story not, unexpectedly, with wild plot developments, and not, thankfully, with densely packed pop-fiction references. Instead Where the Wild Things Are is filled with richly imagined psychological detail, and the screenplay for this live-action film simply becomes a longer and more moving version of what Maurice Sendak’s book has always been at heart: a book about a lonely boy leaving the emotional terrain of boyhood behind.”

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Everyday Engineering

Everday Engineering

This book looks fantastic and I ordered it the minute I saw the description.

“World-renowned design and innovation firm IDEO uses first-hand observations to inform and inspire its work. As it did with the groundbreaking observational primer Thoughtless Acts?, IDEO once again brings its instructive methods to bear on the world around us, this time with an eye toward the inherent but unheralded presence of modern engineering. By observing the built environment we walk through every day the often-overlooked details of buildings and roads, the joinings and interfaces of our infrastructure we can learn to see the world as engineers do, and adapt this perspective to critical thinking. Through simple pictures of how objects and environments behave over time, Everyday Engineering invites anyone in creative fields, business, and design to see the world through IDEO’s eyes.”

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