Nintendo’s masterpiece

Nintendo’s masterpiece

The latest Super Mario, might be the greatest game ever made, if you believe the hype. The game is receiving average reviews anywhere from 9/10 to 10’s from most media outlets.

We picked it up, cause, who can resist a little italian plumber? We checked it out for about 2 hours last night an I agree with the ratings given. The music alone beats 90% of the games out there. The rest beats 99%. The fact that someone else can join in and help you out is much more fun than you’d think.

One of the best review quotes I read last week (but will have to paraphrase as I can’t find it again) said…

“This new game makes you angry, angry that you’ve been subjected to crappy games for the past 10 years and paid more for them (SMG is 50$), seemingly that developers haven’t even tried in comparison. This game shows you what a fun video game is meant to be.”

Super Mario Galaxy