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My friend Jay get’s best blog in MTL .. amazing …. congrats man …. and another great freind get’s on the list too .. way to go V !!


“Best Blog
1. J. Gallagher (jgallagher.blogspot.com)
2. Montreal City Weblog (w5.montreal.com/mtlweblog)
3. Zeke’s Gallery (zekesgallery.blogspot.com)
4. Blork Blog (blork.typepad.com)
5. Letters to Memphis (carnets.ixmedia.com/fred/archives/002015.html)
6. AD HOC (http://agencychick.typepad.com)
7. Isabel Brinck (isabelbrinck.blogspot.com)
8. Richard Martineau (voir.ca/martineau)
9. YULblog (yulblog.org)
10. ni.vu.ni.connu (martinepage.com/blog)

You picked J. Gallagher’s wry observational humour as No. 1 in our first year with a Best Blog category. The newsier Montreal City Weblog follows, with Best Gallery owner Zeke’s mostly art-media criticism and article word counts coming in third. Hey, reading’s good for you, but don’t forget to get outside and play too.”

OMG … seems we all missed this …. My girl made it to #8 in the Loudest Activist category !!!