Weekend trip

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Linda and I took made a trip up to Harrington, in the Laurentians, on Saturday. We wanted to see the Rouge River (Fast currents, Kayaking and River Rafting operations) and the area where i grew up. We made a short stop in Calumet to see an old friend and got detoured on a great little hike to some amazing hidden waterfalls. Was great seeing all the harrington valley and the current state of the log cabin i grew up in and the surrounding land, even stopped by the very small elementary school i went to for grades 1 through 4.

3 thoughts on “Weekend trip

  1. holy freakin’ shite…..that log cabin is so damn RUSTIC. Woah. Next you’re gonna tell me you know how to knit or something…

  2. Cool. Nice to see the old places. The cabin looks weathered, and I hadn’t rmembered the hidden waterfalls in quite a while.

    I’m sure Steve learned to knit somewhere along the line. ;-)

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