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One bad mofo

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Don’t Stand By Me
Surviving a lightning strike (and every other un-willing attempt on your life)

“All LeDoux remembers about the moment he was struck in August 1999 is that he was standing ankle-deep in a puddle when he was overcome by an intensely bright light. He woke up a half-hour later, 20 feet away, with a vague taste of battery acid in his mouth, he said. The soles of his shoes had melted, his two-way radio had exploded, and several of his teeth had shattered. The medical ID tag he wore around his neck was melted into his chest…”



2 responses to “One bad mofo”

  1. Johan Avatar

    That is one tough mofo. they should nick name him Rasputin.

  2. Oblivia Avatar

    Whatever he did, I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as all that…