“After almost 4 years of working and designing for private clients, Furni is proud to introduce it’s very own line of stylish home furnishings! We’ve been busy over the last few months designing, sourcing , planning and assembling a 10 piece product line with something for everyone!

Furthermore we’ve included a “shopping cart” feature on the website that will allow you direct access to purchase our products online from the comfort of your own home!

If you are in the Montreal area this upcoming weekend (December 9th-11th) come see us at the Society of Arts and technology’s sale (souk@sat) where we will be presenting the whole line!”


3 thoughts on “Furni

  1. I kinda like the designs of their stuff. Very simple, similar to Bauhaus I think.

    Is it me or are all the products named after skaters? :-)

    Nice to see local people (MTL.) doing good stuff.

  2. hey! is this your line of stuff? i went to SAT and stood in front of furni’s clocks for quite a little while, contemplating how absolutely kewl they would be in my future cafe/bar/office. i don’t remember how i bookmarked your page, but i was checking back and now that i see the furni…gosh darn, if i knew this was you i sooo would have said, “hi!”…man, there was one clock that just rox! ;b

  3. hi jenn ….. not me …. friends of friends … and I missed the show at the SAT while out playing in the snow !!!

    lovely work though…. I *want* one of those clocks for home.

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