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I’ve posted about FURNI before – and posting about it again. I love some of this stuff – even more so after a second pass on it and noticing that all the product names are skaters who are some of my biggest heroes …. anything named “hensley” gets my whole hearted approval … buy some stuff from these guys – they have an online store now.

“In a city rapidly over-saturating itself with big box stores selling cheap household accessories imported from China, it is only fitting that two unemployed Montrealers would start a killer furniture company called Furni. Devin Barrette and Mike Giles pooled their unemployment cheques and small savings to get their project started. Four years ago, Barrette, a trained cabinetmaker, was throwing around the idea of starting a furniture company. He asked his friend Giles, a natural motivator and a maverick of pop culture, to help out with the venture; they took the name Furni from a scene in David Fincher’s film Fight Club.”

Furni Creations | MIRROR article