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Nike + iPod


“Nike Inc. said on Tuesday that it is making running shoes that will be able to send data about the wearer’s performance to an Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod using a new wireless system called Nike iPod.

Shares of Nike rose over 2 percent as it capitalized on the popularity of the iPod line, which dominates portable digital music players. But one analyst said a relatively narrow section of Nike consumers would be interested in the running products.

Using a Nike iPod Sports Kit, expected to retail for about $29, consumers will be able to access time, distance, pace and calories burned through the earphones of a nano version of the iPod via a sensor in the insole of special shoes that communicate with the digital music player.”

Nike shoes talk to Apple’s iPod in new system

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Wow, first Nike shoes that I’ve actually liked..I guess the sk8 kicks were not bad..but atleast for running shoes they don’t look like they were made for some kinda cyborg/kangaroo mix of killing machine! Just fairly simple and not drastically overpriced.

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