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Cinema du Parc closes
(wonderful drawing by emmanuelle walker)

Sad news – I’ve had multiple people in my life work there, manage that place or otherwise just become addicted to cheap late night flicks. They hosted some awesome events over the years and continued to be a mainstay of rep cinema in MTL until the departure of Don and Mitch last winter …

“It is with great regret that Daniel Langlois and his team announce the closing of Cinéma du Parc as of August 3rd, 2006. Voted best film theatre on several occasions by the reader of montreal weekly magazines .. Despite its success, however, major market-share changes in Montréal have led to a significant decline in attendance since 2005.”



2 responses to “Cinéma du Parc closes”

  1. Heather Avatar

    That is such a shame about Cinéma du Parc. They really did show wonderful films, and Montreal will be poorer for its having closed…

  2. Steve Avatar

    Funny .. after posting this —

    I was speaking with someone who worked there for many years. They said “they were glad it was going as the past year was the worst it’s ever been; bad film selection, no good events, and that this was tarnishing the legacy of a memorable place.”

    So I agree — It is a shame – but it seems the shame came a while back.