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Still one of my favorite fonts to this day, I remember using it when laying out Laidlaw’s online annual reports back in 1997. I always liked the Old style figures for the numbers especially when presenting dollar amounts or large numbers.

“LONDON Log on to The New York Times’s Web site, and you’ll see it there. Just as you’ll spot it on the Web sites of London’s Frieze Art Fair, the architecture magazine Metropolis, the artist Damien Hirst, and on blog, after blog, after blog. 

All of these Web sites use the same typeface – Georgia. Typefaces slip in and out of fashion like every other area of design, but right now Georgia is the most fashionable one on the Internet. “A few designers have mentioned that there seems to be a ‘Georgia revival’ going on,” says Matthew Carter, the British-born, Boston-based designer who developed Georgia for Microsoft in 1996. “It seems a bit young to have died and been revived already.”

IHT – Quirky serifs aside, Georgia fonts win on Web


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  1. Warren Avatar

    Yay! I sent you that link!

    I agree. I wish more clients would go for Georgia!

    It’s the cleanest serif in the “web font set”.

    In fact, the only one that i would use.