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1981 Atari Game Catalog

This photoset is awesome,

Wikipedia says … “While part of Warner, Atari achieved its greatest success, selling millions of 2600s and computers. At its peak, Atari accounted for a third of Warner’s annual income and was the fastest-growing company in the history of the United States at the time.

Although the 2600 had garnered the lion’s share of the home video game market, it experienced its first stiff competition in 1980 from Mattel’s Intellivision, which featured ads touting its superior graphics capabilities relative to the 2600. Still, the 2600 remained the industry standard-bearer, because of its market superiority, and because of Atari featuring (by far) the greatest variety of game titles available.”

“45 Game Program™ Cartridges from the Atari Video Computer System™”
Atari Game Catalog, 1981 – a photoset on Flickr