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WESC fall/winter 2006 collection

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WESC fall/winter collection

WESC have put up the fall/winter collection on their site. The theme is an urban equestrian one. Some awesome pieces with inspired fall colors. Everyone needs a RAMSEY (Mens Collection > 21/71).

About WESC
When WESC started in early spring 1999, it was a new company; yet no inexperienced people were behind it. It was built by a tightly knit group of people with a solid background in clothing, skateboarding and snowboarding. There were never any questions about what we wanted to create: a company based on personal engagement and conviction; a theme of shared ideas and common values; and friendship, trust and honesty among equals. With a unique network of contacts among athletes, artists, companies and media, our first priority was always to create a feeling of solidarity. The term “Superlative Conspiracy” symbolizes what WESC as a brand and company represents: a group, a family of good and competent people working toward the same ideal. We is neither a skateboard nor a snowboard clothing company; WESC is an street fashion company with its roots in skateboarding.”