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A retreat in Canada

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A retreat in Canada

This is something I could see built on the land I grew up on in the Laurentians… It has some nice simple principals, concerning placement within a natural environment…

“The clients entertain up to 15 overnight visitors at a time during the summer at the family cottage on Lake Simcoe, to which they have been coming for the past 25 years. During the summer, they move to the cottage full time, while the husband, a successful entrepreneur, commutes from there to Toronto two days a week. They requested a private retreat – a separate sleeping cabin for their personal use. Their primary requirement was to be able to lie in bed and watch the sunset.

The project consists of a single 275 s.f. room. All components are built in, including the bed and a wall of storage cabinets on either side. The floor of the cabin extends outside towards the lake to become a deck with access to an outdoor shower enclosed by a cedar screen.”

Taylor Smyth Architects – A retreat in Canada