Malwitz logo contest


Good idea .. and he’s getting some very nice results out of it ….

Here’s the deal: Design a logo = Get a free surfboard.

I’m in the process of learning to shape/glass. I have 6 boards in the queue right now. After those, I’ll have the process wired and ready to make your custom board. So, I’ll keep this open until someone hits it. That person will get a #2 EPS / Epoxy board to their specs under 7ft. I have to keep this local to US only, since oversees shipping will most likely be too much. Unless you want to help with shipping. Thanks.

Company Name: Malwitz Custom Surfboards (Malwitz: primary / Custom Surfboards: secondary)
Concept: Whatever you want. Amaze me.
Deadline: Until someone gets it right. I’m patient.

Here’s the submissions so far. Check back later to see them as they come in….”

malwitz blog | flickr set

7 thoughts on “Malwitz logo contest

  1. Nothing like the trust of a close friend. I have plenty of my own guinea pigs throwing me cash to make them ‘for cost’ boards. Good deal. I get foam from surf-core in florida. Although he’s telling me blank industry isn’t looking too good in the US. Might have to start making my own blanks someday.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I’ve seen the Goodfrank avatar on Swaylocks before. Followed the link to your site as well.

    Things are looking good at your end too. I really like the creativity behind your logo contest idea too! I am sure that the creativeness that you get coming at you will be something to see.

    Yup. did the lam on another 6’4″ twinny this weekend, and have a 6′ quad fin Fish all finished waiting to be glassed. … as soon as I get more resin that is..

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