Andi State’s Parc Photos


My good friend Andi State attended the last night of the Cinema Du Parc. She took some absolutely wonderful black and white shots. She was the manager of the Cinema for a couple years around ’97 or ’98 – back when she was my roommate. Her time there lead to the hiring of many people I knew, which afforded me free entry for years to come.

I haven’t heard much more about that final night. I’m sure more photos and stories will start turning up.

“We can say what we want about our cultural superiority vis-à-vis other Canadian cities, but come the end of July, Montreal’s world-class-city status will suffer a massive blow – cinematically, at least. On Aug. 3, the projectors at Cinéma du Parc, this city’s only repertory cinema, will darken for the last time, leaving us with no rep cinema to call our own.” –

Go check her photos, they really do capture what was the CDP.